Season After Pentecost (Ordinary Time)


(a reflection of Psalm 1)

The cracks of my imperfection permit
Your Grace to flow freely;
The warm liquid of Your Love and
Favour seeps into the deepest part
Of my soul.
The dark corners where tangles of
hurt and lost dreams hide are
Washed out clean.
My soul is now renewed; the soil
Ready for planting.
As my roots are nourished, they drive
Deeper into the heart of love and are intertwined
with the well-established roots of the Wisdom-givers.
I am held stable by their strength.
Watered and fed daily, I begin to stretch out;
My branches become home to song birds
And blossom in and out of season.
I am thriving;
The undergrowth and the fallen branches of
Yesterdays’ Autumns
decay and are turned over,
adding to the rich soil.
I am a tree planted in Garden Divine;
Fruit, ripe and nourishing, is ready for picking.
People flock to our grove for the best fruit.

(Lara Stoudt)